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Get your Ford radio code by m or v serial number. This generator works with Focus, Fiesta, Ka, Transit, Galaxy and more.

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Locate your M or V series radio serial on screen or case label. See more.

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Ford radio code online

ford radio code online

There was a time when the unique way to retrieve a lost Ford radio code was visiting the local Ford dealership. Nowadays, this changed and you no longer need to pay up to 50 GBP for the stereo unlock. Using an online solution you save time and money and benefit by satisfaction for resolving the problem yourself.

Ford radio code online is a free car radio code reset service. It is able to unlock almost all the Ford radio models supporting models like Fiesta, Focus, Transit, 6000 cd, Sony CD, Connect and many others. There is no need to download or create an account to use this calculator. Enter your serial and get your code instantly.

To find your serial number, check the information on this page.

In the case, you owe a Ford Travelpilot, send us an email or get in touch with us through live chat. This model is made by Blaupunkt, so it comes with a BP serial which needs manual unlock.


Do online generated radio codes works?

The efficiency of the codes generated here for V and M serials is by 100%. We only supply original Ford codes and our customers confirm it. For more info, check our Feedback.

What do I need to provide to get my radio key code?

All you need is the radio serial number. It may be retrieved from the radio screen or from case label (removing the radio). Find more info in the section below.

My 6000 CD radio doesn't show the serial on screen, what I do?

There are 6000 CD radios (2004 - 2007) which don't show the serial on the screen when 1 and 6 buttons are used. Alternatively, extract the radio and find the serial on the top side radio case. For it, check this video: How to extract 6000 CD without special tools.

My serial is not M or V, what I do?

If your serial starts with BP or 881 C7, then we still can unlock your code. Unfortunately, it is not an automatic process but you can do it contacting us by email or chat. We are able to unlock your Ford Travelpilot in minutes. For another type of serials, contact us.

I can't see my radio model, what can I do?

There are a lot of Ford stereo models and basically, all come with V, M, BP or C7 serial, which means it is possible to unlock. Indifferently of which radio model you own, extract your radio from the dashboard and find the serial on the case sticker.

Finding serial number

If your radio is a 6000 CD (2004 - 2007) / (2008 - 2015), Sony CD (2008 - 2015) or 4500 RDS EON, you can retrieve the serial from the radio screen.
  • Turn ON your radio
  • Press 1 and 6 and hold for few seconds (2 and 6 for 4500 RDS EON)
  • The serial is shown on screen after 15 seconds. Example: V203900 or M380022
  • Note: On Sony CD the serial comes like this: SOCDX1V203900. You only need your V + 6 digits serial.
ford radio seril on sticker case label

If you own any other Ford stereo model, the unique way to locate the serial is removing the stereo from the centre console. You may also need to remove your 6000 CD (2004 - 2007) radio because it doesn't show the serial on the screen.

Once extracted the radio, find the serial on the case top side sticker. Example of a valid serial: V203900 or M380022. If your radio is a Ford Travelpilot your serial will start with BP + 14 digits. To unlock this type of serial contact us by email or chat.

Find serial by radio model

Extract the radio unit from dashboard and locate your serial on the case side sticker. Example: M1030090